Stereotypes Hurt: Tumblr Tags Versus Reality 


Tumblr “Gypsy” Girls

Reality Romani Girls

Tumblr “Gypsy” Dance

Reality Romani Dance:

Tumblr “Gypsy” Fashion

Reality Romani Traditional Dress

Tumblr “Gypsy” Wedding

Thank you Firecracker Productions. I cannot thank you enough for making a mockery of Romani & Travellers.

Reality Romani Wedding

Reality Irish Traveller Wedding

Tumblr “Gypsy” Tattoo

Reality Romani Tattoo

That’s not an error. Most Romani groups view tattoos as an impurity.

Tumblr “Gypsy” Music

Yes, I include him in the “fake” & “stereotyped” category.

Reality Romani Music

Stereotypes hurt.

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